Monday, September 19, 2011

The Injury Report

We’re only two weeks into the season and things are getting ugly folks. Kansas City’s Jamaal Charles is out for the rest of the season with a knee injury and Roary the Mascot is the new Bad Boy of Detroit. Speaking of the ‘boys, Tony Romo willed America’s Team to victory after leaving the game with a cracked rib. Romo returned to the game after backup quarterback John Kitna threw two interceptions. I’m not the biggest Romo fan, but I will never question his toughness again, period. 

The Cowboys were able to pull off a thrilling victory with their injured quarterback but the Philadelphia Eagles weren’t so lucky.  I don’t think a concussion is what Mike Vick had in mind for his return to Atlanta. Vick started off the night hot with a pair of TDs but later left with a concussion after being pushed into his own lineman. The Falcons were able to come back from a 10-point fourth quarter deficit and the rest is history.
Well, that’s all for tonight folks. This post is over like the Giants vs. Rams game. I’m battling a really bad cold but I’ll have more updates later this week. Sweet dreams PC fans. I’m bringing sexy back with a cup of tea, a giant box of tissue and my cheap humidifier.


mai wen said...

Feel better!

L. Jones said...

Thanks Mai! I appreciate all of your comments :)