Monday, September 19, 2011

The Injury Report

We’re only two weeks into the season and things are getting ugly folks. Kansas City’s Jamaal Charles is out for the rest of the season with a knee injury and Roary the Mascot is the new Bad Boy of Detroit. Speaking of the ‘boys, Tony Romo willed America’s Team to victory after leaving the game with a cracked rib. Romo returned to the game after backup quarterback John Kitna threw two interceptions. I’m not the biggest Romo fan, but I will never question his toughness again, period. 

The Cowboys were able to pull off a thrilling victory with their injured quarterback but the Philadelphia Eagles weren’t so lucky.  I don’t think a concussion is what Mike Vick had in mind for his return to Atlanta. Vick started off the night hot with a pair of TDs but later left with a concussion after being pushed into his own lineman. The Falcons were able to come back from a 10-point fourth quarter deficit and the rest is history.
Well, that’s all for tonight folks. This post is over like the Giants vs. Rams game. I’m battling a really bad cold but I’ll have more updates later this week. Sweet dreams PC fans. I’m bringing sexy back with a cup of tea, a giant box of tissue and my cheap humidifier.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tom Brady Wants You to Miss the Pats Game

Tom Brady had some advice for Pats fans coming to the home opener on Sunday. He casually told reporters that the Foxborough crew should start drinking early. I'm sure the Director of Fan Services at Gillette Stadium is jumping for joy right now. Brady was trying to be funny and I'm not going to go H.A.M on him for making these comments. I'm sure he's been lectured on the dangers on alcohol but maybe he should leave the interviews for someone else. Brady needs to stick to football and modeling. He shouldn't be giving fans advice about drinking. Too many drinks can completely ruin a football fan's gameday experience. In honor of Tom Brady's poor choice words here are my top three reasons why Pats fans shouldn't get white boy wasted at the home opener on Sunday:

(1)You punch a rowdy Chargers fan and get ejected from the stadium. You miss half of the game and are now facing battery chargers.

(2) You mistake the Mezzanine floor for a toilet and pop-a-squat in from of hundreds of fans, including your current boyfriend... and of course you miss Brady put up record numbers against the Chargers.

(3) You hit your head on concrete stairs, crack your skull open and are rushed to the emergency room. Fifty stitches later you are stuck with a huge medical bill and have no recollection of the Pats game.

In closing, Pats fans should stay sober enough to watch Tom Brady in all of his greatest. Drinking from 8am to 4pm is what my friends call "poor decision making".

Monday, September 12, 2011

Football, UGGs and VS Models

What do Tom Brady, rap music and winter boots have in common? An UGG commercial! Duh. I saw this while watching MNF and don’t know what to make of it. So here’s my question to all the ladies out there. Would you let your man wear UGGs? Tom Brady looks cute in pretty much anything but we all can’t marry Tom Brady (Fudge you Gisele). Yay or Nay for Male UGG Boots… I need your votes!

I love Victoria’s Secret but the models in the new PINK NLF Collection video just look clueless. I’ll give them an “A” for effort but I feel like something is missing here.

There is some good news for my fellow female football fans. The VS PINK NFL Collection now includes all 32 teams. Somehow VS were able to make Orange and Brown undies (Browns) look cute…ish. I’ll get some more feedback from the Real Fantasy Football Wives of Cleveland and post an update next week. 

Week One Round Up

Pack Attack
The Pack is looking pretty darn good and everyone is healthy (for now). I would be excited but I’d prefer to jump into shark invested waters and take my chances. Rodgers is good, I have to give it to the kid, but I can’t watch Green Bay win another Super Bowl. The good news is that my beloved Bears and the oh-so-confident Detroit Lions are keeping pace with Green Bay. It’s going to be a tough division, black and blue to the core—may the best time win.

Good Rex/ Bad Rex Ryan Twins (Before and After Wheel A Fortune Style)
Paging Sexy Rexy…Could this be true? Is Rex Grossman trying to make a comeback? Plenty of people have given Rex a lot of flak over the years but it looks like he’s finally pulling things together. Can the gun slinger pull it off this time? I really hope so, because everyone deserves a second chance at Glory.

Speaking of Rex, the Jets’ head coach Rex Ryan battled his twin Rob Ryan and the Cowboys in a good ol’ fashioned Sunday Night Showdown. The game lived up to its potential and in the end the Mean Green willed their way to victory. J-E-T-S  Jets, Jets, Jets!!!

Eagles Roll
Believe the hype because Michael Vick and the Eagles are still going strong. To be fair, Philly did play the Rams in week one, which isn’t saying much. I do believe however that the Eagles can make a legit playoff run if Vick, McCoy, and Jackson stay healthy. Will Philly make it over the hump and win it all this year? Only time will tell.

In the Pitts
Things got pretty ugly for Pittsburg on Sunday--seven turnovers and one giant fight. The Ravens-Steelers rivalry is alive and well. I just hope the Steelers can regroup before they play the Ravens for a second time at Heinz field in November. The bad loss to the Ravens is very uncharacteristic of the Steelers but with 15 games left there is no need to press the red panic button.

Crashing in Indy
Speaking of red buttons, I pressed the panic button in Indy about 2 days ago.  The Colts looked helpless without Peyton Manning in their 2011 debut.  I think the Colts need to call Carson Palmer or God forbid Brett Favre. Kerry Collins looked horrible and may even have more gray hair than Brett Favre.  Overall, Indy’s in a bad shape and the Colts need to do something fast.  How will the Colts survive without Mr. Manning, a.k.a. the All Mighty Savior?